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CORPORATE Chics, Volume 1

Corporate Chics Volume 1, the first of the trilogy, is unique, innovative, and entertaining because of its IM (Instant Messaging) format. Koilya is a beautiful, educated, female who recently graduated college and has entered into the corporate world. Through friendships with co-workers in her new role, she is on a consistent journey of learning all about life through their mistakes but most importantly her experiences. On this journey, Koilya learns vital lessons about finances, marriage, sex, love, false perceptions, envy, friendship, and infidelity. Koilya's philosophy of life leads her through a destructive world wind. If she doesn't wake up and realize that her selfishness is the reason for the misfortune she is encountering, she could ultimately lose everything that she has worked so hard to obtain.

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Love in a Body Bag:
A New Orleans Tale

Reymada, the protagonist in this gritty New Orleans tale, is the female that all the guys want and all the chicks want to be! Her life takes a dramatic turn when she gives her love to someone that does not appreciate it. Secrets, lies, deception, and revenge enters her world when she finally decides to live her life on her own terms. As sweet as she appears, darkness eventually reared its ugly head. Reymada was loyal to everyone she loved; but always had to question their loyalty. Through heartbreaks and betrayal, the dream of having IT ALL is still unwritten. She ends up falling for a “Superstar” basketball player thinking she’s finally winning, but the more she gets to know him, the more she struggles with her past. Will she get her heart’s desire or will she succumb to all the negativity around her?


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The Lifestyle:
By Any Means Necessary

Ceyon Vass, aka, CeCe takes being a "groupie" to another level. Growing up having it all, then later falling from grace, CeCe would do anything to get back "The Lifestyle" that she believed is her birthright.

After the death of her father, she goes into deep depression. The once beloved daddy's girl, is now just a product of her environment.

The pampered princess now would latch onto men hoping to fill that void.  After getting her heart broken one time too many, CeCe decides to raise a little hell. With her promiscuous and vindictive behavior, failing wasn't not an option. She will get what she wants by any means necessary!